Wellbeing – Holistic Massage

We are well known for our holistic approach to well-being here at Manor Farm House.

  • Pamper your body with a luxurious massage with Paul, a qualified Holistic Massage practitioner for more than 20 years.
  • Stimulate your mind with a session of equine guided personal development/coaching
  • Soothe your spirit – join us for nature meditations and mindfulness practice

In addition we can arrange for you to have a private yoga or tai chi class, or you can attend a group class locally. We are lucky to have two super teachers nearby – Helen and Lisa.


Paul has 21 years massage experience having trained with the Massage Training Institute and undertaken extensive advanced training since qualifying in 1995. As well as practicing locally Paul runs monthly massage sessions in Sheffield and Bristol.

His treatments are tailored to your needs, coaxing a deep release of held tensions to encourage healing, relaxation and ease. Treatments can be through clothes or with oils, on table or using a massage chair.

They incorporate innovative ‘RhythmMobility’ techniques which combine rocking and stretching with deep tissue work and hands free massage, giving a range of resources to adapt each treatment uniquely to each individual. Between 2007 and 2010 Paul developed his onsite massage skills as one of the On the Spot team treating crew and artists at Glastonbury Festival’s John Peel Stage other festivals.


‘Now that was gorgeous! Powerful and sensitive … almost dreamlike … I want more!’ Nerissa

‘Excellent. Really relaxing and very attentive’ Jessie Ware (singer)

‘Very present, clear and strong but gentle contact. I can feel your depth and understanding of bodies’ Clare

‘One of the best massages I’ve had. Just the right balance. Thanks’. Joel Pott (singer) ‘ATHLETE’.

‘I feel totally relaxed, soft and supple – wish I could have this feeling all the time! Lots of techniques combined to make a stunning massage’ Todd

‘Thanks Paul. I can honestly say that massage was one of the best I have ever had. As a drummer I get all sorts of pains and tensions mainly in my back. Relaxation and your great methods have made me ready for tonights show. Best, Karl’ Karl Brazil Drums ‘FEEDER’

‘Beautiful and sensitive! the rocking was surprising and touched unexpected places. Touched in so many ways. Thank you Paul’ Jane

‘Very nice! Thanks so much.’ Ezra Koenig lead vocals ‘VAMPIRE WEEKEND’

‘The two sessions I have had with Paul over the years … have probably has the biggest impact on my physical wellbeing of anyone. Big thanks on a great experience’ Robin

‘Unusual but really effective. Loved it. Thanks’ Edwin Congreave keyboards ‘FOALS’

‘I wasn’t sure the rocking would do it for me but it did actually enhance and deepen my experience of whole body tension / pain release / relief. THANK YOU. Bonus star for all the uncongealing of my back muscles’ Amitasuri

‘I think that what you’re doing is brilliant! It’s such a special treat and so often what I desperately need before and after performing. Thank you – amazing!’ Natasha Khan ‘BAT FOR LASHES’

‘I thing Paul is absolutely amazing! I have recommended hime to loads of people – he is hugely intuitive and talented’ Ali

‘Just had something similar in San Diago. you are far better’ Katie White THE TING TINGS

Nearby resources

Within 20 minutes drive we have two excellent spa centres, Ragdale and Eden Hall. See Local Area Interests.