Horse Sense for Humans

Why not take some time during your visit to have a coaching or personal development session with Harriet and our horses…

This approach is gentle, effective and powerful in helping people find more fulfilment and enjoyment, in directing their lives with choice and overcoming blocks or unhelpful patterns. The horses give you a fascinating mirror of yourself and the opportunity to experiment with doing things differently.

Equally, a guided meditation session out with the herd can be incredibly relaxing and nourishing, just stepping out of time and out of the busyness of our monkey minds. The world stops, just for a while.


Harriet has been a facilitator and coach of equine guided learning for 11 years, and is one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners, often to be seen out with the horses in the mud with a CEO exploring strategy or a couple wanting their relationship to grow. EGL can be applied in all sorts of areas – from depression and eating disorders, through to just wanting a more fun, more rewarding adventure through life.


Here is what one guest said about his experience:

“I was humbled by the sheer volume of knowledge and experience Harriet has behind her. This was one of the most nuanced and sublime experiences of my life. I hope I will remember as the beginning of a long journey. The horses are like highly sensitive mirrors that produce copies of your internal feeling landscape. and do it with a sense of play and extraordinary generousity and gentleness. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity.”


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