Meet the Animals

Manor Farm House is home to quite a few residents – some two-legged but most four-legged. Here’s who you are likely to meet.


Chai is a middle-aged gentleman Labrador

Courteous and charming, always obliging, he is the perfect host and will make sure you feel thoroughly attended to.

2016-03-04 14.57.16

Ziggy, a young free-spirited lurcher (Bedlington x Whippet).


Blink and you miss him, unless, illicitly, he is sleep on a sofa and trying to make himself invisible.

Ziggy came to us from the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre and doesn’t like big sticks, hoover attachments and brooms or anything he could be hit with.IMG_5354

David Prince Iggy Freddy Bowie, our magnificent black cat.

DSC_0321Believed to be half-panther. Terrifier of delivery men and mice, Dave has a penetrating stare and gravitas.

He likes to come on walks and considers the whole of Colston Bassett to be his manor. We are his obliging servants.

IMG_0106 (1)


Kiki is a flibbertigibbeting greymalkin, whose party trick is gravity-defying upside-down running, using the underneath of the bed as her personal racetrack.



Best to leave your door shut if you are in the Lime Tree Room, her preferred stadium.


IMG_0113 (1)

Feather is a magnificent black mare, the turbo-charged Bentley of the horse world, sometimes nicknamed The Duchess.


 She is in her mid-teens, is a rather ‘forward’ ride, but has incredible sensitivity when working with equine guided learning clients.

Intrepid is a mischievous horse. He loves to play, is always on the look out for an adventure, and has a Houdini streak.


He is very smart and likes having a job to do. His close relatives have competed in the Olympics so he needs a challenge.



Queradita is a purebred Spanish mare, from centuries-old lines of Andalusian bull-fighting horses bred by Carthusian monks.


She has kindly been lent to us by Mary Parton-Wright and we are thrilled that she is leaving us a foal by Karen Collinson’s gorgeous Spanish stallion Currante IV, from Aztec Stud. Q is very polite, quite formal, and leader of the herd. At first meeting she seems to have a rather intimidating air of reserve, beneath which lies hidden depths of great sweetness and affection. I fancy that she attended a rather austere finishing school.

Brillo de Luna (pronounced Brio) is our newest arrival, Queradita’s foal.